Music Feature: Arbors Lane

February 01, 2018

Music Feature: Arbors Lane

I apologize for falling behind on these Music Features. I just had a crazy week in Vegas doing some photo shoots and networking, and safe to say there are a lot of cool things coming within the year that I couldn’t be more excited about. So while it doesn’t excuse my timing on these things, it’s well worth it.

Speaking of timing…This next band (is one of the few locals) I’ve never got to catch live, no matter how many times I’ve wanted to. I was always working, or I got to the show after they already played. Sometimes timing just sucks. Other times the timing is right. I told myself I would write about this band from when I started these little features, and well, by the time I was gearing up to write about them, they released a new song! Bring it further back to before settling on the idea of music features; I had thought to do a free digital sampler with every purchase. This was the first band I thought of to include. So here they are, a pop rock band from Toronto: Arbors Lane.


I had heard about Arbors Lane in early 2017 when they had a show with the pals in Red Handed Denial and The Parallel. I make it a habit to check out all the bands on the bill, and since they were the only band I didn’t know, I paid special attention to them. Ultimately I didn’t make it out to the show but started to keep tabs on this band. I did a quick search on YouTube and found their music video for “Heart’s Hidden” from their ‘prologue.’ EP. I was sold instantly. They’ve got a great alternative rock sound, they’ve got the look, lead singer Jenny Palacios has a killer but soothing voice – hell I even really like their band name. Throw their name on a list of Warped Tour bands and just from hearing the name I would think “yeah, that’s totally a band that sounds like they should be on Warped, let me check it out” haha.  I don’t know where the name came from – it could just be the name of someone’s street – they could even hate it, but it resonates well with me.

Early in 2017 they released an acoustic track and video for “Something Left” off their ‘prologue.’ EP. It’s a very a cool rendition that reminds me a lot of what We Are The In Crowd did for some of their tunes…except Arbors Lane hits it way more in the feels Lionel Richie style. Later in the year, in September, Arbors Lane opened for PVRIS at the Danforth Music Hall. Like, what? Awesome! Another show I missed….

Now in 2018, I’m happy to hear a new tune. As I mentioned earlier, last week they released a music video for their new single “Shiver”. It’s a bit mellower than their previous sound, but lyrically powerful and catchy. The theme is kind of like a “learn from the past and move on” vibe with a positive silver lining. Great delivery from Jenny singing her heart out on the choruses and Nick Martin’s smooth silky guitar licks, but as a drummer I really got to give a huge high five to Cristina Campitelli for playing to what the song needed. Pushing the choruses, but sitting back on the toms during the verses. The changes in snare placement affect the groove and reflect on the mood of the song. Well done.

I am excited to see where this band goes and to hear some new music. Hopefully at some point this year I’ll finally catch them live! Please check them out and follow them. Links below!

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