Music Feature: At Dawn's Edge

October 04, 2017 1 Comment

Music Feature: At Dawn's Edge

Doing these blogs really makes time fly by and I’m not quite sure if that’s a good thing or not. But what I like about it is that there’s always new music coming out every couple of weeks from up and coming artists. This week I’m focusing on a symphonic metal band from Mississauga called At Dawn’s Edge. I’ve seen these guys a handful of times, even played shows with them. You could even say they’re my pals. I don’t always write about people I’ve known personally for years, I swear! It all comes down to timing.

And in the time between writing The Fullblast blog and choosing a band for this one here, At Dawn’s Edge decided to re-release their music video for Evil Flamingo. This re-release now features their new singer Tamara Filipovic as well as a re-mix and re-master of the tune done by their guitarist Alexandru Oprea. Having heard the original tune several times, Tamara’s vocals add a nice twist to the existing melodies and her harmonies are on point. While the band is coming out of a line-up change, which can be a very difficult thing to overcome, we can only assume that the band will be progressing further from here.


And wait. There’s more! On September 30th, the band dropped their first full length album “Through Glass Eyes”. Twelve tracks full of all sorts of flavours: Symphonic vocals, orchestral arrangements, groovy riffs and electronic elements all rolled into just under an hour of music. It also features re-recorded and re-vamped versions of their entire three-track EP entitled “First Contact” released back in 2015. One of the elements that make this record sound as big as it does is the orchestral work done by Spencer Creaghan. They add an integral emotional accompaniment to Tamara’s vocals at times, and at other times add to the sheer force of the heavier riffs. It is also worth mentioning the international music elements in some of their tunes, most notably the middle-eastern vibe and tabla starting off the track ‘Forgotten Isle’.

We’re looking forward to seeing these fellas (and gal) get back on stage soon. In the meantime you can pick up their album “Through Glass Eyes” on iTunes and Bandcamp, as well as stream it on Spotify.

At Dawn's Edge is:

Tamara Filipovic - Vocals

Alexandru Oprea - Guitars

Matt Ozzy - Guitars

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