Music Feature: Earth's Yellow Sun

January 17, 2018

Music Feature: Earth's Yellow Sun

Happy New Year everyone! I’ve been extremely hard at work in preparation for the AVN Expo happening next week. However I am happy to say the biweekly Music Feature is back. Building a strong local music community is the backbone of why we exist as a company. Our goal is to help out as many musicians/bands/artists/etc. as possible and I promise not to lose sight of that. I had toyed with changing up the way we present our Music Features, but after all of that I think the blog is still the way to go. Any ideas or demands, feel free to get in touch with us.

Okay, administrative stuff aside…Our first Music Featured band of 2018 is a unique group from Toronto that encompasses instrumental fusion, prog, and metal: Earth’s Yellow Sun. Oh yeah and they do it with saxophones.

I’ve had the opportunity to share the stage with these fellas and have seen them opening for bands such as Between the Buried and Me, Intervals and more recently Protest the Hero during their mini-tour together. They had a slightly different line up each time (particularly woodwind wise), but the core members were always there. That being said they sounded just as great every time, adding to the flexibility of their performance. If I recall correctly, two of those shows were last minute and they managed to pull it off! Kudos to their sound guy Sean who delivers a solid mix to each of their live performances. 

Just last week Earth’s Yellow Sun unleashed one of three covers they plan to release this year. This particular one being a partial cover of Rush’s 20 minute epic “2112”. The EYS boys tackled “Overture 2112” and “The Temples of Syrinx” with the latter featuring guest vocals by Protest the Hero’s Rody Walker who fits perfectly in this rendition pulling off Geddy Lee’s vocal chops well. The video features a fella taken on a journey by the priests mentioned in the lyrics, and while Rody himself couldn’t make the video shoot, we’re greeted by a familiar representation from Protest the Hero’s “Underbite” video. Check the video here:

Earth’s Yellow Sun’s previous releases include two EPs. The first is a three track EP called “Prologue” released in 2014. The more recent is 2015’s “The Infernal Machine” which is a five part concept about a robot destroying stuff. “The Infernal Machine” features a more comprehensive sound akin to their live performance (i.e. their saxophone collective). If you enjoy an instrumental progressive metal core sprinkled with some unique jazzy orchestral elements then I definitely recommend checking out this record. The icing on the cake is that all the instruments that you hear are actual instruments – as no single note is simulated - a feat that is certainly uncommon these days in the genre.

And hey, if that’s not convincing enough…three of the core members (Julian Bigras on drums, Josh Hanff on guitars, and Duncan Stan on bass) perform in not one, not two, but THREE cover bands across Ontario. So if you’ve come across a Tool or Rage Against The Machine, and more recently Incubus cover band across Southern Ontario, odds are it’s these guys. Hanff also runs his own business under Hanff Guitar Repair for any guitar and bass repairs or setups. 

Anyhow, make sure to stay connected to Earth's Yellow Sun as they are working on their next original release!

(Photo taken at the Warehouse in St. Catharines by Samantha Carcasole)

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