Here we go!

July 01, 2017

Here we go!

Check....Check 1, 2. 

Internet how are ya? Derek here, and I'll be running the blogs on The Parallax Supply Co's site. We are a week away from launch!...except you probably won't even get to see this until the website is actually Happy Launch!!

Anyhow, here's what you can expect from us as we move forward.

Collaboration features - Announcements and sneak peaks about those we collab with so you can dig deeper into what they're all about!

Music Features - Every other week we will be featuring an up and coming band or artist and showcasing their recent releases and upcoming dates. Musicians of all genres, so keep an open mind. 

Industry Interviews - As we grow, I'm looking to get my networking on to be able to sit down and chat with people involved in the music, fashion and art industries starting at the local Toronto area to domestic and eventually international! People in their respective fields whose hard work is leaving a lasting impression, or are just straight up unique. 

We're hoping to create content that will have you coming back for more by being genuine and transparent in our approach. We're looking to cross promote between different mediums of art. For example, you could be browsing our shirt catalog (perhaps a collaboration) and stumble across our featured band and enjoy what you hear. This is what we want, and we'd like for you to keep an open mind. The more you explore and share our content, the bigger the potential audience is for ourselves and those we feature! 


Okay folks. That's my introduction rant. Stay tuned for more!


Happy Canada 150!!

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