Music Feature: Voltang

February 14, 2018 2 Comments

Music Feature: Voltang

Today is awesome. Valentine’s Day candy goes on clearance, and for me it’s payday - scary combo. But more importantly I get to share some new music with everyone! :)  

Our latest Music Feature is a band whose name I’ve heard many, many times. Admittedly, it wasn’t until my pal Andy Dymytryshyn joined the band that I really soaked in what they had to offer. You may remember Andy from the now defunct progressive metal band called Last Scattering who I had the pleasure of touring with several years ago. I love all those dudes and have kept up to date on their new projects, but pretty bad move on my part that I didn’t get into Andy’s new band until he joined it. The latest feature is the raunch and roll band Voltang from Hamilton, Ontario.

So, when Andy had posted up that he had joined a new band, of course I went to check it out. The first thing I came across was a lyric video for their tune “Lunatic Slick” from their 2016 album ‘Bad Sounds’. My first impression was that I just found the band that is going to fill the huge void that The Dillinger Escape Plan left me when they called it quits. Listening to the rest of the album they’ve got more of a rock and roll groove than Dillinger, but the same amount of intensity especially thanks to the vocals of Jake Reimer. The whole album is a heavy intoxicating listen. If you haven’t heard of raunch and roll, you have now.


I knew I was always going to do a feature on these guys, but when I saw they released a new music video, I figured now was the time. Also off of 2016’s ‘Bad Sounds’, Voltang has launched a music video for “Garbage People”. It portrays what is likely the everyday booze, drugs, and rock n roll lifestyle for these party animals along with some drum smashing and axe swinging. I can only imagine the wild time it would be hanging with these dudes! Asides from the solid heavy jam that this song is, it is definitely worth mentioning the filmmaking and cinematography of the video – a feat that had me hit the replay button as much as the tune itself.

The video was directed and edited by their drummer Paul Maxwell, who did a phenomenal job with the production. The whole first minute or so of the video - where singer Reimer takes you on a tour of the aforementioned lifestyle - is edited to look as though it was filmed in one shot. To most people, I imagine they would believe it was one shot. Smooth, dude. It does not surprise me to find out that I (along with a few million others) have come across his work before with Burlington’s Walk Off The Earth. I could definitely learn a thing or ten from him.

Back to the band as a whole, Voltang’s ‘Bad Sounds’ is available for streaming on YouTube, Spotify, Bandcamp, and Apple Music. According to their Facebook page they have some more videos, new tunes, and some tours planned for 2018. This is great news because I can’t wait to see them tear shit up on stage and I highly recommend you do the same. Until then, Voltang recommends you “smoke up, drink up, do drugs, woo” and that’s exactly what I’ll do.

Voltang is: Jake Reimer (Vocals), Evan Dreager (Guitar/Vocals), Andy Dmytryshyn (Guitar), Paul Maxwell (Drums)

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