Japanese Parallax Tee

The Parallax Supply Co.

Japan is a beautiful country full of rich culture, incredible scenery, and delicious food. With a trip already booked, we knew we were bound to fall in love with the country so we thought ahead and decided to print these tees and take them with us to Japan. The tee features "Parallax" in Kanji on the front, as well as our logo on the back with "Supply Company" in Kanji to complete the logo. It is stylized in red and white as per the colors of the Japanese flag. 


Size Guide

Size Guide - Men


Width measured from under arm to under arm



S 26" 18"
M 27.5" 20"
L 28" 22"


29" 24"
2XL 32" 26"
Applicable to:
Celestial Sphere Tees, Shyla Jennings Collab Tee, Gia Paige Collab Tees, Hyinart Imminent Death Tee, Japan Tee

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