About Us

 If you know who we are, then you'll know that we are a bunch of musicians who play in a metal band called The Parallax. Welcome to our vision.

We wanted to create merchandise that could be sold at our shows, but be worn by anybody, not just our fans.  Our aim is to reach a larger potential audience outside the Southern Ontario music scene with our apparel, not necessarily our music.

This allows us to work with people we otherwise wouldn't. As fans of all sorts of art forms, including those which are considered taboo, it was essential for us to find a way to work with people striving in those industries. We had been collaborating with great artists since 2012 for CD artwork and T-shirt designs but felt the need to expand on that. Thus branding our band merchandise made the most sense.

 In doing so, we hope to reach and explore new avenues to give back and showcase not just our music, but the music of other local musicians of all genres, as well as the works of artists and performers of other mediums. We have always been an advocate for helping the local music scene and other creative communities grow. It's not just "about us", but about every hard working artist, musician, creative, etc who deserves much more recognition.


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