The Parallax Supply Co. on Hiatus in 2023

Hello. It’s been a weird few years so let’s be real, we’ve had to shift our priorities elsewhere. As a result, The Parallax Supply Co. became a backburner project, and sadly will continue to be for much of 2023.

On January 31st, 2023 the online shop will close indefinitely. While we intend to open back up later in the year, it’s not something we can promise.

Starting November 21st, 2022 until the closure, we will be running a hiatus sale to move as much stock as possible. Each item will be $8 (CAD) or less – heh, get it, hiatus, hi-8-us, heh. We thank everyone for their past, present and continuous support.

(P.S. the band, The Parallax, is fine - only the clothing brand is going on hiatus. Listen to Phantom Wings).