Celestial Sphere Tee (Burgundy)

The Parallax Supply Co

Celestial Sphere logo on the left chest. Keeping it classy. 

Here's a fun fact about our logo: The centre ring represents the equator, while the top and bottom rings represent the tropics. That's all for now folks, check other products for more fun facts! 

Size Guide

Size Guide - Men


Width measured from under arm to under arm



S 26" 18"
M 27.5" 20"
L 28" 22"


29" 24"
2XL 32" 26"
Applicable to:
Celestial Sphere Tees, Shyla Jennings Collab Tee, Gia Paige Collab Tees, Hyinart Imminent Death Tee, Japan Tee

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